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Sausage Dog Agility Competition

Last Sunday I took part in the Sausage Dog Agility Competition, which was so much fun! Not only did I get to catch up with some lovely friends (that’s you Poppy, Indie & Oakley!) but I also came home with some prizes!

Here’s Dad helping me warm up whilst I stretched and limbered up…

Sausage Dog Cuddles*photo credit Emma Newman

Here’s a tender moment caught of Mum and I, it’s not often you’ll see her in front of the camera, I love my Mum’s cuddles.

Dachshund Cuddles*photo credit Emma Newman

It did try to rain a couple of times however it was ok as Dad sheltered me and carried me to the course when it was my go…

Dachshund Cuddles *photo credit Emma Newman

But soon it was time to jump…

Sausage Dog Agility *photo credit Sergey Eremin

Dachshund Agility *photo credit Emma Newman

Sausage Dog Agility *photo credit Emma Newman

Sausage Dog Agility *photo credit Emma Newman

And I also did a bit of weaving…

Dachshund Agility *photo credit Sergey Eremin

Soon it was time for the awards to be given out and I achieved a respectable 3rd and 4th in my categories and some lovely goodies and posh rosettes! Of course the competitive streak in me (inherited from Dad) would have liked to have done better but these young-un’s are up and coming and I’m not going to lie, we haven’t practiced very much the last few months as I’ve been busy helping Mum plan the wedding. But hey ho, we all had fun and that’s what matters!

Sausage Dog Agility Competition *photo credit Yulia Titovets

Sausage Dog Agility Competition

*photo credit Emma Newman

And my lovely rosettes and prizes, I was a happy sausage!

Sausage Dog Agility Competition

Sausage Dog Agility Competition

Dach’s all for now – big thank you to Yulia & Sergey from Four Little Paws and Emma Newman for all their fab photos!

Jeffrey x

Dog On A Log

Out on my walk today I came across a fallen tree and I decided this was the perfect piece of equipment to practice my agility on.

Dog on a Log

Dog on Tree

It was quite high up…

Dog on a log

But it’s ok, I’ve been working on my inner core strength and had good balance…

Dog Balance on Tree

Dach’s all for now – off to practise my weave on Mum’s bean poles!

Jeffrey x

Sausage Dog Agility

A couple of weekends ago I took part in a Sausage Dog Agility class, I have’t been for a while so it was a good re-cap and a chance to see some of my sausage buddies. I enjoy agility, it’s challenging and a good work out for the mind and body, well a sausage likes to keep in shape!

Here are the photos from our session, it’s always handy that the couple that run Sausage Dog Agility are also professional photographers – it’s like having your own pawparazzi.

Sausage Dog Agility

Dachsunds Do Agility

Small Dog Agility

Dachshund Agility

And the class photo, I may look massive compared to everyone but please bear in mind that I’m sitting on the highest point of the a-frame…

Sausage Dog Agility

These fab photos are courtesy of Sergey Eremin and Yulia Titovets from Four Little Paws

Dach’s all for now!

Jeffrey x

Sausage Dog Agility

I realised that in the excitement of launching Fridays Furry Friends and Halloweenie, I completely forgot to share the photos with you of my agility session a couple of weekends ago!! So here we are, better late than never…

Sausage Dog Agility

Dachshund Agility

Sausage Dog Agility

Dachshund Agility

And here’s the whole gang…

Sausage Dog Agility

Do you remember Poppy who won the Summer Sausage Snaps competition? I FINALLY got to meet her and her friend Oakley at this agility session, isn’t she pretty?!

Sausage Dog Friends

These fab photos are courtesy of the lovely Yulia & Sergey from Four Little Paws photography who run the Sausage Dog Agility.

Dach’s all for now – from a very agile sausage!

Jeffrey x

Hollywood Here I Come!

I saw a post on Facebook looking for Dachshunds that ‘do’ agility for a BBC documentary about dogs, so on a whim I sent some photos and a video of myself demonstrating my agility skills. The production team seemed impressed so I was asked to attend for some filming.

BBC2′s The Wonder of Dogs is a 3 part documentary looking into the history of dogs, what jobs they were bred to do and how different breeds became the pets dogs we know today. We arrived on a sunny Sunday morning and were greeted by lots of different dogs of different sizes, coats and characters. Of course I took my entourage, consisting of Mum, Nanny and Auntie Shelley – it’s always good to have your agent, personal groomer and veterinary nurse on stand by for emergency’s.

Unfortunately we were unable to take any photos of of me being filmed due to strict privacy details, I suppose they didn’t want anything being leaked before the show was aired. This was a shame as it would have been nice to show you the directors chair I had with my name stitched on the back, the bowl of bonio’s which I requested to be a certain size and colour and my Evian water fountain, oh well, you’ll just have to use your imagination.

They wanted to see me do agility, I felt a little intimidated to begin with as there was a ‘professional’ small dog agility team however I was the smallest dog there doing agility and feel I held my own and did my bit for the dachshund community. They watched me go round the course a few times and then wanted to see what us dachshund’s were bred to do – go through tunnels. I did this over and over again, racing through the perspex tunnel, they then filmed me down low using a slow-motion camera. Some may say I looked like a Baywatch hunk in the opening credits running in slow-mo along the beach with the wind in my hair but you can make your own mind up.

Mum and I settled down to watch the very first episode in hope of catching a glimpse of me. And there I was, the first dog in the whole programme, we couldn’t believe it! There was then a shot of me doing the see-saw and then the golden footage of me running in slow motion through the tube whilst the presenter, Kate Humble, explained about the history of dachshund’s and what we were bred to do.

I of course was watching avidly and I will admit to rewinding a few couple of times to watch it again, well it was a quick clip…

The Wonder of Dogs Dachshund

If you want to see the clips of me you can watch them here…

But if you missed the whole programme it’s well worth watching, not just for me, as it’s very interesting. So you can catch up here…

I was also featured in this month’s Dachshund Breed Council Newsletter, you can read it HERE

Mum and Dad say that I am becoming a little bit of a celebrity after my modelling for Mutts & Hounds, winning the Sausage Dog Agility Competition and now being on the TV, as long as there is party sausage treats involved and lots of cuddles I’m happy to do anything!

Dach’s all for now – all enquiries through my agent please.

Jeffrey The (almost) Famous Dachshund x

The Diary of Jeffrey The Dachshund – Aged 1 Year

A year ago tomorrow, on the 1st September 2012, I started the biggest adventure of my life, Mum & Dad collected me and bought me home. It was very scary and everything smelt strange and weird however I have achieved and experienced so much in just a year. This was the first photo Mum received of me, how could they resist?


My first photo taken in my new home, playing with my new toy.


And it didn’t take Dad long to start messing with my mop-a-top…


And of course for Mum to start taking millions of photos of me. As you can see, modelling came naturally to me from a young age…

photo 1-6


And it wasn’t long before I did my first blog and product share with all of you.


I had to catch a lift on my first few walks to my local park as I wasn’t allowed on the ground, this was soon to become my stomping ground were I meet my friends and check out the ladies.


I’ve had lots of ‘first’ experiences, here’s just a few:

My first Halloween…

photo 3-9

My first latte…


My first bath and blow-dry…


Mr first Christmas…




My first New Year’s Eve…


My first snow…


My first haircut…


My first love… (lovely Lottie Loo)



My first Easter… (I won a competition with this photo remember?)


I took part in a centre fold competition…


My first professional photo shoot…


My first Summer…




My first modelling shoot for Mutts & Hounds…

Donut EB Dachshund1-500x500

Collar CranberryTicking2-500x500

My first Birthday…


And experienced my first Royal birth (not literally of course)…


Apart from my modelling and winning an amazing competition, I have achieved quite a lot.

I graduated from the puppy class into the first obedience class and quickly passed that. I also won Puppy of the Year as well.




I’ve learnt how to do agility and have to say, I’ve gotten pretty good at it!



And I’ve learnt how to help Mum with household chores, inside and out…



And of course I helped to announce Mum & Dad’s engagement…


I’ve learnt to swim (almost), which has been pretty refreshing with this hot summer.


I also ran my own competition and starred in a video showing my training skills and how I chose the lucky winner, CLICK HERE to view the video again.


And I’ve made some really good friends along the way…








And best of all, I have gained an amazing family, not just Mum & Dad but Nanny & Grandad who I spend a lot of time with, my Aunty and of course my little cousin who can be the best play buddy. Thank you to all of them for loving me lots and giving me a wonderful life and thank you to all of my loyal readers who have supported me all the way.

Dach’s all for now – here’s to the next year of Sausage Tails!

Jeffrey x

Sausage Dog Agility

Today I participated in Sausage Dog Agility. As you all know, I do agility once a month at my training class but today was on a much grander scale which gave me the chance to show off my learnt skills. I loved the big course, it was much more of a challenge -who said dachshunds can’t do agility?

Sausage Dog Agility

Jeffrey Does Agility

Having a look at the obstacles and learning the course…

Wirey Dachshund

Checking out the competition…

Jeffrey The Dachshund

Dachshund Agility

Here’s my new gal-pal Miley, what a sweetie, Mum was rather smitten!

Smooth Dachshund

Just checking to see if her treats were better than mine, they were so I put on the cute ‘puppy dog’ face!

Dachshund Agility

Meet Dingo the demo dog, I caught him sticking his tongue out at me, I think he know’s we’re not pro’s like him.

Toller Agility

So it was time to take to the course, I made Mum wait for me, she needs to know who’s running the show.

Dachshund Does Agility

Dachshund Agility

And who say’s sausages can’t fly?!

Dachshund Agility

Sausage Dog Agility

Jeffrey Agility

Here’s the other sausages practising their weaving…

Dachshund Weave Poles

Sausage Dog Weave Poles

And Miley taking to the jumps, she flies!

Sausage Dog Agility

The lovely couple who run Sausage Dog Agility are also professional photographers from Four Little Paws, which is pretty handy when you need your best side captured in action shots!

Dachshund Agility Jumps

Jeffrey Jumps

Dachshund Agility Hoop

Sausage Dog Agility

Dachshund Agility

Watch this video to see me whizzing round the course like a gazelle, ok maybe not quite that graceful but I’m still pretty agile for a stumpy-legged sausage!


And to finish the session, the obligatory photo of sausages and their handlers.

Sausage Dog Agility

Dach’s all for now – off for a well earned nap!

Jeffrey x

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