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French Fancies

Over the Easter weekend my Auntie Shelley had some European guests staying with her and of course, the gang and I were the best host’s! She had some very cute and very rugged French Bulldogs, called Binky and Fletcher.

I had touched up on my Le Francais and introduced myself to Binky wearing a garlic necklace, a beret and woofing ‘je m’appelle Jeffrey the Dachshund’ even though Harvey said I should have said ‘vous les vous coucher avec moi’ but I was unsure what it meant, something about wanting to borrow my bed or something?

Anyway, I asked her if she had ever French kissed a German to which she replied Non! Maybe not such a sweet French Fancie…

Dachshund French Bull Dog

(from left to right) Me! (obviously!), Hattie, Rodney, Harvey, Binky, Fletcher

Dach’s all for now – off to brush up on my French…

Jeffrey x

Easter Walkies

I’ve had a very busy weekend being a social sausage and have attended two sausage dog walks, it’s been great! So I thought it only right to share all the photos with you…

Good Friday – Windsor Great Park

On Friday we met outside the Savill Gardens in Windsor to go for a walk in Windsor Great Park , what a lovely place to walk! The weather was nice so it was time to frolic with some fellow sausages in the sun…

Easter Dachshund Walk

Easter Dachshund Walk

Dachshund Meet*photo credit Dave Shaw

These cool dudes had the right idea about keeping the sun off their heads!

Small Dog Hat*photo credit Dave Shaw

And off we go!

Dachshund Meet Up*photo credit Dave Shaw

I’m following the leader…

Dachshund Walk

And even Rodney was there, it was his first sausage dog meet!

Chocolate Dachshund

Wire Dachshund

And he even made some new friends!

Dachshund Walk

I met this lovely old lady, a fellow wire called Ziggy…

Wire Dachshund

Wire Dachshund

Best of all, my Lovely Lottie was there, I was a happy sausage!

Wire Dachshund

Wirey Dachshund

Jeffrey the Dachshund

One of my fellow wirey friends, the very handsome Wolfgang, I wish I had an esteemed name like him…

Wirey Dachshund

And here’s Stanley, his Mum did a fab job of organising the walk!

Mini Wire Dachshund

Here’s Nanny and Mum with their friend Terenia, lovely ladies!

Dachshund Walk

Nanny, Mum and I having a special moment…

Jeffrey the Dachsund

And the whole gang!

Dachshund Group

Easter Sunday – Wimbledon

On Easter Sunday we headed to Wimbledon to meet some very good friends of ours, even though it rained I had a lovely time in the wet and mud with my buddy Milo showing me how its done when it comes to swimming!

Off we go…

Wimbledon Common Dog Walks*photo credit Emma Newman

Wimbledon Common Dog Walks*photo credit Emma Newman

Easter Dog Walk

Dachshund Walk

Dachshund Fleece

This little lady was in need of an ear re-set…

Dachshund Fleece

Look at this handsome boy, Cassius…


Wimbledon Common Dog Walks*photo credit Jen Lynch

 Check out my buddy Milos’ ball skills, my Mum thinks he’s a cutie!

Dachshund Ball*photo credit Jen Lynch

One handsome wirey chap…

Jeffrey The Dachshund *photo credit Emma Newman

Oh, there he is again, pointing like a real hunting dog! ;)

Jeffrey Dachshund *photo credit Jen Lynch

I found a very leaky teapot and quite fancied some scones and jam with it…

Wimbledon Common Dog Walks*photo credit Laura Bezant

Ergh, it did not taste good!!

Dog Fountain*photo credit Laura Bezant

It was time to head to the lake…

Coat for Dachshund

Wet Dachshund

Sausage Dog Swimming

The keen swimmers showing us how it’s done whilst Indie and I watched from the sidelines, deliberating whether to go in or not…

Swimming Dachshund

But I’m not one to shy away from a bit of mud and water. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

Dachshund Swimming

Dachshund Swimming

Dachshund Swimming

Auntie Laura helping me out, I wasn’t sure how deep it was and needed a little guidance.

Dachshund Swimming

Dachshund Swimming

Milo being an otter…Dachshund Swimming

Action shot!

Swimming Dachshund

*photo credit Jen Lynch

What a handsome dude, he would make Mr April in the Hunky Sausage Calendar, I’d be Mr July – hot & steamy, obviously.

Wimbledon Common Dog Walks*photo credit Jen Lynch

Dachshund Swimming*photo credit Jen Lynch

Milo doing his best E.T impression whilst his Mama keeps him dry and warm.

Dog Towel

There’s Ziggy again!

Wire Haired Dachshunds

Or I could Mr October, rough and rugged?

Soggy Sausage *photo credit Jo Salmon

And here I am on the way home, drying off and having a well deserved snooze!

Dog Car Seat

Dach’s all for now – I hope you’ve enjoyed the Bank Holiday as much as me!

Jeffrey x

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! I’ve had a lovely day, I had a very soggy walk with some sausage friends today but it was great fun and I also received some yummy Easter treats from my Lovely Lottie!

This year I decided to embrace the beauty of Spring flowers…

Dachshund Easter

Sausage Dog Easter

Easter Dog

The treats from Lovely Lottie smelled so amazing I had to dig in straight away!

Easter Dog Treats

Dog Easter Treats

Dog Easter Treats

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Easter and are tucking into yummy roast dinners like me!

Dach’s all for now,

Jeffrey x



As it’s Good Friday I asked you all for your Easter themed photos! And what a good Friday it’s been, I met some sausage friends for a lovely walk this afternoon and I finally got to introduce Rodney to them all. Here’s one of me earlier, enjoying the Spring flowers, an entry for Gardeners World May front cover don’t you think?

Easter Dachshund

And here’s some of my Easter Furry Friends favourites…


Easter Dachshund

Morpheus (our ex-show cat entry!)

Easter Cat

And my favourite entry…

Lovely Lottie

Easter Sausage Dog

Thanks for all your fab photos everyone!

Dach’s all for now – have a lovely Easter weekend! (and eat carrots pups – not chocolate!!)

Jeffrey x

Dog On A Log

Out on my walk today I came across a fallen tree and I decided this was the perfect piece of equipment to practice my agility on.

Dog on a Log

Dog on Tree

It was quite high up…

Dog on a log

But it’s ok, I’ve been working on my inner core strength and had good balance…

Dog Balance on Tree

Dach’s all for now – off to practise my weave on Mum’s bean poles!

Jeffrey x

This weeks Fridays Furry Friend is a unique one for a very special Furry Friend. We are paying tribute to Bender, the Furry Friend of my sausagey pal Roger. Tragically today, Bender passed away and we just wanted to let Roger and his family know that we are thinking of them and sending our loving thoughts (and licks and cuddles).



Love Jeffrey & family xx

Here’s a little something for all you lovely ladies out there, something girly to treat yourself to, a dachshund make up bag!

Percy Make Up Bag

The Percy Dachshund Make Up bag is made of red animal friendly pleather and  features not one….

Dachshund Make Up Bag

But two different dachshunds!

Dachshund Cosmetic Bag

It’s very roomy, large enough to hold all your essentials…

Sausage Dog Make Up Bag

Now this is a classed as ‘make up bag’ however I obviously don’t use make up (except for special shoots) so I wouldn’t need this to store my make up in, just manly things like my fine collection of watches…

Sausage Dog Cosmetic Bag

Or use as a manly ‘man-bag’ for when I take the ladies out for a drink and Bonio…

Sausage Dog Make Up Bag

You too can get one of these Percy Dachshund Make Up Bag from Devoted to Dachshunds HERE for the bargain price of £11.99

Dach’s all for now – boys, keep it manly.

Jeffrey x

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