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Dog On A Log

Out on my walk today I came across a fallen tree and I decided this was the perfect piece of equipment to practice my agility on.

Dog on a Log

Dog on Tree

It was quite high up…

Dog on a log

But it’s ok, I’ve been working on my inner core strength and had good balance…

Dog Balance on Tree

Dach’s all for now – off to practise my weave on Mum’s bean poles!

Jeffrey x

This weeks Fridays Furry Friend is a unique one for a very special Furry Friend. We are paying tribute to Bender, the Furry Friend of my sausagey pal Roger. Tragically today, Bender passed away and we just wanted to let Roger and his family know that we are thinking of them and sending our loving thoughts (and licks and cuddles).



Love Jeffrey & family xx

Here’s a little something for all you lovely ladies out there, something girly to treat yourself to, a dachshund make up bag!

Percy Make Up Bag

The Percy Dachshund Make Up bag is made of red animal friendly pleather and  features not one….

Dachshund Make Up Bag

But two different dachshunds!

Dachshund Cosmetic Bag

It’s very roomy, large enough to hold all your essentials…

Sausage Dog Make Up Bag

Now this is a classed as ‘make up bag’ however I obviously don’t use make up (except for special shoots) so I wouldn’t need this to store my make up in, just manly things like my fine collection of watches…

Sausage Dog Cosmetic Bag

Or use as a manly ‘man-bag’ for when I take the ladies out for a drink and Bonio…

Sausage Dog Make Up Bag

You too can get one of these Percy Dachshund Make Up Bag from Devoted to Dachshunds HERE for the bargain price of £11.99

Dach’s all for now – boys, keep it manly.

Jeffrey x

Sausage Sum Up

March 2014

Happy Birthday Nanny - it was my Nanny’s birthday so I made sure she was treated like the special Nanny she is!


Happy Pancake Day! - it was time to eat some pancakes!

Dachshund Pancakes

Crufts 2014 - I didn’t actually attend Crufts (even though I should have done!!) but I did watch it at home…

Crufts Dachshund

Sunday Spring Sausage - this was a fun weekend full of visiting friends that had invented indoor curling and sunny Spring walks.

Dachshund Games

How To Train A Dachshund  - it was about time I shared with you my fine collection of awards now that I’ve graduated into the Gold class at school!

Training a Dachshund

When Rodney Met Archie - it was finally time for Rodney to meet my best buddy Archie!

Dachshund Groups

Happy Mothers Day! - I said a big sausage dog thank you to some special ladies in my life!

Dachshund Mothers Day

April in Pictures

String of Sausages Dog Toy

Dachshund Sofa

Coat Strip Dachshund

Wire Haired Dachshund

Dachshund & Cat

Schnauzer & Dachshund

Chicken for Dogs

Dog Beer

Dog Car Seat

Dachshund in Rain

Dog Chews Cardboard

Dachshund Beard

Rodney Dachshund

Dach’s all for now – here’s to April!

Jeffrey x

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you’ve all had a nice week, I’ve spent the past few afternoon’s wrestling with Rodney, fun times! This week’s Fridays Furry Friend I can kind of relate to, Eddie and his hooman sister Lacey! I too have a small pink friend in the form of Lewis my cousin and he’s a great partner in crime to play with and he also gives quite good cuddles. Eddie is a special boy, Lacey’s Mum Natalie and her family took Eddie in and got him back to a healthy sausage and generally gave him lots of love and affectionate, he has a lovely new home!

Hi Jeffers
Here is Eddie and his pink sister Lacey. They are the best of friends. Eddie came to us in November as his owner couldn’t look after him. He was very over weight and I was very worried about him. Over his first 2 months here he lost about 5.5 lbs. we were then able to neuter him. He has now lost over 7.5 lbs and is super bouncy! He makes us all very happy xxx 

Love Natalie x



Eddie Dachshund

Dach’s all for now – go and run around the park with the small people, you’ll love it!

Jeffrey x

Some of you may have noticed from my Mothers Day blog post that I gave my Nanny her first pair of sausage dog socks. Now that she’s come over to the long side with Rodney, it’s time for her to be a  proper sausage dog owner and adorn herself with dachshund themed items. If half your wardrobe doesn’t contain sausage dog print items, then you’re not a proper sausage lover. Fact.

Anyway, I thought I would share with you where I purchased such a sophisticated pair of socks.

White Stuff Sausage Dog Stuff

White Stuff Sausage Dog Socks

White Stuff Dachshund Socks

They are from White Stuff and are the Jarvis socks priced at £4, you can find them HERE

Whilst perusing the rest of the shop a little long dude caught my eye and I just had to have him!

White Stuff Sausage Dog

White Stuff Sausage Dog Keyring

White Stuff Sausage Dog Keyring

It was a soft sausage dog keyring! He’s a bargain at £4.95 and is certain to brighten up your dull keys. I attached him to my chauffeurs Mum’s car keys to give her a little smile every time she takes me somewhere. You too can treat yourself to one of these little sausage dudes HERE, my one is blue but he also comes in orange.

Dach’s all for now!

Jeffrey x

A very Happy Mothers Day to all of those Mum’s, doggie Mum’s and even Nanny’s out there!

Dachshund Mothers Day

I hope you’ve all been spoilt rotten today? I woke my own Mum up this morning with a cup of tea in bed, lots of licking and a card I bought all by myself! (ok, with maybe a little help from my Dad…)

Sausage Dog Card

Dachshund Plant

My Mum does a lot for me, she takes me for a walk every day, takes me to training class, buys the good treats and generally gives me a lot of love, so I like to make just that little bit more effort on Mothers Day with my affection towards her even though I’m pretty generous most days. She likes a cuddle, especially when I lie on my back in her arms like a baby, just call me a good doggy son.

Then it was time to visit Nanny and I thought it only appropriate to buy her a little something to say thank you for looking after me as she too does a lot for me. I spend most afternoon’s at Nanny’s and when Mum & Dad have to go out Nanny’s normally the first port of call for sausage sitting duty. She’s also the creator of my special ‘shabby chic’ hair style that many other sausages covet! So I  bought Nanny, with my very own paw-money, a special pair of socks which have a sausage dog on! I thought it was only appropriate as she has now seen the light and joined the Long Side with Rodney.

Dachshund Socks

White Stuff Sausage Dog Socks

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Mothers Day!

Dach’s all for now!

Jeffrey x


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