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Mum and Dad had a pre-wedding shoot a couple of weeks before the wedding, they are not used to having their photo taken like me so their lovely photographer, Victoria, suggested this might be a good way for them to get used to it. I went along, obviously, to show them how it’s done, I would say I’m pretty much a pro now after my studio photo shoot plus the modelling I’ve done.

We went to our local park as it holds nice memories for all of us, my first walks, first ice cream, first latte…  I’m not gunna lie when I say what a good looking family we are but I think it’s clear who the professional is, Mum and Dad look like backing models.

It’s not often you guys see me with my Mum & Dad as lets face it, the blog is mainly about me but this time I thought I’d share them with you…

Wirehaired Dachshund

Dachshund Model

Dachshund Photo shoot

Wire Dachshund

Dachshund Photo

Wire Sausage Dog

Dachshund Pose

Wire Haired Dachshund

Wire Haired Sausage Dog

And this just about sums us up…

Dachshund Owners


Dach’s all for now – go on, go give your Mum a cuddle…

Jeffrey x


*Photos courtesy of Victoria Baptiste Photography 


Well what a week it’s been! Alan has settled in well, he’s great to play with and I’ve enjoyed showing him the ropes, like chasing the cats, pulling the beds around and de-stuffing the toys, all essential things you need to know when living in our house.

This weeks Fridays Furry Friend is the rather cute Herbie, Mum loves his name as her childhood nickname was Herbert! Look at that cute wirey face, all together now, ahhhhhh……

Hi Jeffrey,
This is Herbert, aka, Herbie, he is 5 months old and hairy like you :) Herbie likes eating chicken, walking and going to he’s classes for ring craft, obedience and agility :) have a Good Friday Jeffrey xxx


Herbert Dachshund

Dach’s all for now – have a hot & sweaty sausage weekend!

Jeffrey x

When a man in a white van delivered a box to our door at the weekend, Mum stated she ‘may’ have ordered something. And boy did she – a sausage dog shaped table lamp!

Dachshund Lamp

It looked like it needed a bit of assembly and being all man, I knew I was the guy for the job.

Dachshund Lamp

I unpacked everything from the box…

Dog Lamp

Next Dog Lamp

There were a few pieces to put together but nothing I couldn’t handle, I just made sure I sussed it all out first before going in head first…

Next Sausage Dog Lamp

But it got a little confusing…

Sausage Dog Lamp

So I took a quick power nap, it’s handwork being a pawdy-man…

Next Rex Lamp

Ta dah! All done!

Lamp Dachshund

Lamp Sausage Dog

Who said a sausage dog couldn’t do DIY?

Dachshund Lamp

Sausage Dog Lamp

And for the final test…

Dachshund Lamp

I thought it was quite nice when Mum said I light up her life! You too can get one of these amazing dachshund shaped lamps for £35 from Next HERE


Dach’s all for now,

Jeffrey x

Wire & Smooth Dachshund

I’m afraid it’s been a bit quiet on the Sausage Tails blog recently but I’ve had my paw in other pies what with helping Mum & Dad organise their wedding, which was last Saturday, and taking my ring bearing duties very seriously, I’ve also been assisting with the arrival of my new baby brother Alan! If you want to keep up with my day-to-day activities then you can catch me on my Facebook page HERE

Wire & Smooth Dachshund

We collected him on Tuesday and I’ve been slowly showing him the ropes, he’s quite good at wrestling however he does tend to fall asleep, a lot…

Chocolate Dachshund

He investigated my bed after I gave him the grand tour…

Dachshund Bed

Dachshund Bed

I showed him round the garden and we looked at the perimeters, just so he knew where to chase the cats off…

Dachshund Puppy

Dachshund Garden

Puppy Sausage Dog

He even helped with a bit of gardening today…

Sausage Dog Pup

He sniffed the plants…

Chocolate Sausage Dog

He ate the plants, much to mum’s disgust!

Chocolate Sausage Dog

I showed him how to top up his tanned bits…

Alan Dachshund

But also how to be a sensible sausage and cool off in the shade in this heatwave.

Wirehaired Dachshund

Dad even set up Alan his very own sun lounger area with his own parasol, spoilt pup…

Chocolate Dachshund Puppy

Alan Dachshund



So there you go, that’s baby Alan and I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot of him in the future! He’s my very own Fridays Furry Friend this week but we’ll be back to normal next week, so make sure you send your entries to sausagetails@live.co.uk


Dach’s all for now – keep cool!

Jeffrey x



Accessorize Dog Socks

Seriously, do sock designers have a penchant to put our long sausage bodies on socks or something? Or do all sock designers have a sausage dog? Whatever, my Mum just had to HAVE these. Not only one pair but of course they were on offer so we have 3 pairs. You’d think one pair each but no, all for Mum.

Sausage Dog Socks

They are quite girly so I’m quite glad Mum didn’t gift me a pair as I’m quite macho, they have what I call a ‘girly’ sausage on them, front…

Dachshund Socks

And bottoms on the back…

Sausage Dog Socks

Accessorize Sausage Dog Socks

However I did have to model them for Mum to show how the sausages meet when you wear the socks, however only having little legs it didn’t work so well…

Dog Socks

You too can get these pretty sausage dog socks from Accessorize in store or online HERE


Dach’s all for now!

Jeffrey x


P.S No Fridays Furry Friend this week as we are preparing for Mum & Dad’s big day on Saturday!


Evening everyone! Well it’s been a very busy week, what with my birthday and getting ready for Mum & Dad’s wedding, only a week to go!! This weeks Fridays Furry Friend has been nominated by a pair of lovely long haired ladies, Poppy & Indie, who clearly love their friend a lot. They have nominated Oakley, also a friend of mine from agility, because poor Oakley is recovering from back surgery, however he is on the mend and fighting back! This just goes to show how much we all love you Oakley and wish you well…

Hi Jeffers,
Poppy and Indie here. We would like to nominate Oakley and Chester as your Friday Furry Friends. 
Oakley is doing really well in his recovery after spinal surgery for a slipped disc almost a month ago now and he is almost back on his feet – he has drunk legs at the moment. His mum, Leanne, has been very worried about him though and needs lots of licks to make her happier.
He also now has a little brother called Chester who is gorgeous and loves to play with Oakley, even though he can’t play much at the moment. Every time Chester steals Oakley’s ball, it gives him more motivation to get his legs back!
Lots of love and licks to you, Jeffrey, and your mum!
Poppy and Indie x

Oakley & Chester

Oakley & Chester



I hope you’re feeling more your long-bodied self Oakley, can’t wait to see you soon!


Dach’s all for now – go & have fun with your friends this weekend!

Jeffrey x

Yes today I turned 2!

Dachshund Birthday

Dachshund Birthday

So it was only right that I celebrated with my best friends and family…

Sausage Dog Hat

I even got kisses and cuddles from my Cousin, he’s a good playmate and gives very good cuddles.

Dog Birthday

Dog Party Hat

Sausage Dog Birthday

Sausage Dog Birthday

We had a slap-up meal Al Fresco (the anti-gulp bowls belong to The H’s, what can I say…)

Dachshund Food

Dachshund Food
Sausage Dog Food

We even finished it up with pudding! A very special fan of mine called Halla sent me a wonderful and very tasty Pupcake, how lucky am I?!

Dachshund Hat

Dog Birthday Cake

Sausage Dog Cake

I even had a candle however we didn’t light it as Mum said it was highly likely that I would be clumsy and set my beard alight!! Who does she think I am? Rodney??

Dog Birthday Cake

Dachshund Birthday Cake

It was soon time to tuck into the presents and I have to say I did pretty well this year, what a popular sausage!

Dachshund Gift Wrap

I received a fabulous personalised card from Amber & Maisie, how cute?

Dachshund Birthday Card

Sausage Dog Birthday Card

Dachshund Birthday Card

It even had a declaration of love on the back, thank you ladies!

Sausage Dog Card

There was a very special package from a very special lady, my Lovely Lottie Loo, all wrapped up in special sausage dog paper. Mum’s going to want to know where that came from!

Dachshund Wrapping Paper

Dachshund Gift

Once I ripped off the sausage dog paper, much to Mum’s disgust, I found that there were some awesome smelling peanut butter doggy treats, thanks Lovely Lottie!

Sausage Dog Gift Wrap

Nanny also got me some interesting smelling gifts which I enjoyed opening…

Dachshund Present

You’ve gotta get your nose right in there to check out what’s in the paper…

Sausage Dog Gifts

Some yummy salmon treats and a new bunny toy, I love it!

Dachshund Treat

Sausage Dog Toy

And then it was time to find out what Mum & Dad had treated me to…

Sausage Dog Toy

Dachshund Gift

A long squeaky snake toy that makes such a loud squeak I just KNOW it’s going to annoy them!

Dachshund Toy

Snake Dog Toy

And some posh treats that I had to make sure Dad wasn’t tasting!

Dachshund Treats

A big thank you to everyone for my cards, presents and birthday wishes! I really appreciate it and I’ve had a lovely birthday!

Dachshund Presents

Dach’s all for now – off to comfort Mum as she can’t believe I’m 2 already…

Jeffrey x

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